About TW Content

TW Content is an independent, bespoke branded content studio in São Paulo, Brazil. The collective brings together expert writers, strategists, and creatives to develop omni-channel content for a global client portfolio. TW Content hired Sermostudio to polish its in-house effort at Portuguese-to-English translations, copyediting and reinventing the brand’s narrative storytelling specifically for clarity in the US market.


  • Copywriting, copy editing

  • Executive bios

  • Translation support

  • Storytelling/branding shift ahead of US market expansion


“Efficient, precise, evocative”

“I’ve been a journalist for 30 years. I’m obsessive with words. Editing text is part of my routine. I always envied English for the efficiency and precision of its vocabulary. Chloe’s writing reflects this—it’s efficient, precise, and evocative.”

– Patricia Hargreaves, Executive at TW Content



Selected Projects


TW Content Website Copywriting

The story: TW Content wanted to design the home page as a powerful and communicative first point of contact for all potential clients.

The brief: In-house translations to English weren’t shining as intended, and weren’t as powerful as the Portuguese originals. Polishing the website copywriting and sprucing up the brand’s narrative storytelling.

The work: Translation from Portuguese to English, copyediting, copywriting, narrative branding shift.

The story: The TW Content team is a diverse group of industry professionals from across Brazil’s media, marketing and publishing industries.

The brief: Select executive staff members were eager to have their brief 2-3 sentence bios hit harder and showcase their high-level experience, standing out while still fitting in to the style of the site.

The work: Copyediting and original bio writing for select executive staff members.

TW Content Team Bios